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Christchurch has started to release audio recordings of selected sermons and talks from worship services. This is an extension to the audio CD service that provides full service recordings to those unable to join us on a Sunday morning.

Now you can access inspired Christian teaching direct from your computer by downloading the audio files from this page. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS channel for an automatic feed to your preferred podcasting program. Just use the following URL in your subscription.

The following recordings are currently available and we aim to offer more frequent updates very soon. We welcome your feedback on this service to the webmaster.

Talks from Christchurch Hitchin



Download 'My Genration'

My Genration
6 Jul 2014
09.00 service, Julian Blakemore
(3 Mb)

Download 'My great reward'

My great reward
29 Jun 2014
10.45 service, Keith Brown
(4 Mb)

Download 'It is enough for the disciple to be like the teacher'

It is enough for the disciple to be like the teacher
22 Jun 2014
10.45 service, Philip Turner
(5 Mb)

Download 'Walk in newness of life'

Walk in newness of life
22 Jun 2014
09.00 service, Philip Turner
(2 Mb)

Download 'Love is an open door'

Love is an open door
15 Jun 2014
09.00 service, Richard Byass
(5 Mb)

Download 'Magic Moments'

Magic Moments
15 Jun 2014
10.45 service, Helen Dearn
(7 Mb)

Download 'The paradox of Pentecost'

The paradox of Pentecost
8 Jun 2014
10am service, Katherine Harris
(7 Mb)

Download 'Talents'

1 Jun 2014
10.45 service, David White
(2 Mb)

Download 'Lights, Camera, Action'

Lights, Camera, Action
1 Jun 2014
09.00 service, Peter Rogers
(3 Mb)

Download 'I am with you always'

I am with you always
25 May 2014
10.45 service, Christine Warren
(6 Mb)

Download 'You are not alone'

You are not alone
25 May 2014
09.00 service, Richard Byass
(5 Mb)

Download 'Jesus\' formula for success as a Christian'

Jesus\' formula for success as a Christian
18 May 2014
10.45 service, Adrian Bagg Based on John 14:1-14 1) Trust him 2)Trust because we know Him, we know the Father 3) Believe that He and the Father are one 4) Do what He\'s been doing
(10 Mb)

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